Own brands


«FELIX» brand widely known in both Russia and 12 countries in the world.
Each year, products under the brand «FELIX» choose 12 million owners of cars, trucks and machinery.
FELIX products passed the whole cycle of tests in largest U.S. research center ABIC TESTING LABORATORIES under control of U.S.

Agency for accreditation of producers of automotive parts AMECA - Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency.
Tests have confirmed compliance with professional products «FELIX» rigid requirement of ASTM international standard.

Quality control of FELIX products is carried out in accordance with international standard ISO / TS 16949:2002, developed by the International Automotive Group (IATF) and Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) under the control of German  Company «TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH».
Windshell washer under the brand «Clean Mile» released in 2007 and managed to win the trust of car owners and the wider range allows filling in a «Clean Mile» in any season. Produced on a high-quality dehydrated isopropyl alcohol basis using specially designed fragrance components and washing additives.
 rosdot «ROSDOT» is a synthetic brake fluid of the last generation. It provides durable and reliable work of modern braking systems, including those equipped with ABS, in all modes of operation, due to the patented technology, highest performance properties, innovative components.


Distributed brands


«AWM GROUP LLC» company (USA) is one of the leading innovative companies in the area of research and development of automotive chemical products and car components in the world.

The company is actively cooperating with American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and it carries out complex knowledge-intensive research in the area of car components, engine oils, lubricants and automotive fluids.
 logo_preston «PRESTONE» is an American company formed in 1927. Today, «PRESTONE®» occupies the top position in the world market of automotive chemical goods and car care products.  “PRESTONE®” company produces a vast number of popular products: interior and glass cleaners, car shampoo with natural wax, fluid car polish, disk cleaner, agent for tire care and a lot of other products; fuel additives; sealing and washing components for cooling system; antifreezes.

«CHAMPION» is a trademark of Wolf Oil Corporation, one of Europe’s leading independent lubricants companies.

Wolf Oil Corporation is an independent lubricants company that specialises 100% in lubricants designed to enhance engine performance and longevity, while lowering consumption and emissions.

By using the latest formulations and technologies, the company blends tailored lubricants which fulfill very precise requirements and due to relationships with leading additive companies, is able to meet even the most stringent needs and challenging environments.

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